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For the better part of my life I have suffered from acute anxiety. Recently personal circumstances caused my anxiety to skyrocket. I sought out Dr. Mark for a solution and sure enough he had a supplement that helps with anxiety. I had my doubts that a supplement could help because traditionally anxiety is treated with prescription drugs so I was certain a supplement would not help. I was ASTOUNDED that within 3-4 days my anxiety level had dropped to almost nothing. Today I’m anxiety free and feeling better than ever.

Thank you Dr. Mark and everyone at All Functional Health for providing the excellent products and services that keep us healthy.

A San Ramon Patient

A few years ago I first contacted Dr. Mark for a stomach virus that I couldn’t seem to get well from. Dr. Mark took the time to explain to me that my digestive system was likely compromised from the chemotherapy I had received a few years prior and started me on a 30 day plan to reset the bacteria levels in my stomach which chemotherapy damages. He prescribed a  probiotic and two different powders to drink daily. Not only did this completely cure my stomach problems I felt better than I had in a long time. Dr. Mark explained that when our bacteria levels are correct we are able to better absorb the nutrients from food therefore we are better nourished and feel better overall. I still take the probiotics to this day and have never had any recurrence of stomach problems.  I would like to take a moment to extend my appreciation to Dr. Mark and his office for helping me stay healthy.  

Patti Z. - A cancer survivor patient